Taking pride in our local production

Owning more than 150,000 sqm areas of warehousing in the main cities of Rural Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Hama. Also we own a storage capacity of 27,000 sqm in the Free Zone of Tartous governorate. In Lebanon, the storage capacity situated in the Bekaa Valley is about 1000 sqm.


  1. Edible oils refinery (sunflower, corn & olive oil)
  2. Production plant for vegetable ghee and margarine (New).
  3. Tins production plant & printing
  4. Injection, blow molding and PET containers & caps production plant
  5. Table Olive facility producing all types of olives, canned food & ready meal products
  6. Shoe-polish, cleaners and detergent factory using the Bufalo brand under license from the German company Werner & Mertz
  7. Facility for powder milk & coffee packaging.
  8. Facility for re-packing Rice and cereals.
  9. Bar soaps factory in Tartous

Edible Olive oil refinery

Table Olive facility producing olives, canned food.

Edible Sunflower & corn oil refining & bottling

PET factory

Plant for the production of high quality of sortex device grains (40T daily cap. splitting, cleaning, packing and wrapping ) such as split red lentils, chickpeas, beans and roasted wheat (Freekeh), and two packing machines working in volumetric system.

Processed cheese line added to the milk plant under ‘Halibna’ brand of the same high quality products using New Zealand milk, German butter and cheddar cheese. The plant is composed of cheese cooker machine and semi-automatic filling machine in glass receptacle.