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The Legacy of Habib Betinjaneh & the Betinjaneh Establishment A Journey of Determination and Innovation

There's no better way to grasp Betinjaneh EST. personality than to delve into its rich history which spans over five decades. It's the story of an Entrepreneur from Damascus, who becomes a major international player while keeping his values, ethics & sense of humor.
Often called by his nickname Monsieur "Mille Tonne" due to his amazing abilities as a seller, Habib Betinjaneh was born as the only son of the Betinjaneh family in Syria. 
As his father passed away he did his best to provide for his large family, building in the process an empire for the next generations.

Made in Damascus: Betinjaneh’s beginning (1970-1996)

Habib was born into a large family in Damascus and became the sole breadwinner after the loss of his father. He began his journey as the agent of La Vache Qui Rit cheese, traveling between Paris, Syria and the Middle East building a thriving business. Along the way, he also became an agent for Benier (Rockford) cheese for the Middle East.

Advertising Pioneer: Shoe Polish, Cleaning Products: BUFALO in the 80s

In 1980, Betinjaneh and his partner Abou Hadid established a factory to produce shoe polish, cleaners, and detergents.
The company also produced plastic containers and, during the import ban in Syria, began producing cleaners, disinfectants, detergents, and shoe polish (under license from Werner & Mertz-Germany) under the name "BUFALO".
Today, BUFALO remains one of the top products for shoe polish, shiners, and disinfectants. Habib's advertising campaigns were innovative and humorous, taking advantage of TV and radio to build a unique bond between the brand and consumers.

Father & Sons: Modernising & Expanding in the 90s

In the 1990s, Habib's sons Antoine and Iyad Betinjaneh joined the adventure, bringing a new vision for growth and expansion.
The company acquired the agency for Lesieur Alimentaire International for Syria and gained a new trademark, "Halibna," for the whole milk brand. Halibna became one of the top brands in Syria.
The company also became one of the largest importers of powder milk, butter, and butter oil products.
Additionally, Antoine Betinjaneh proved to be an advertising innovator, with the tango of the 1992 Lavicera being a big hit.

A Taste for International Products

In In this successful momentum, Betinjaneh continued to expand, acquiring numerous companies and distributing products such as:
  • EVER READY/ ENERGIZER batteries USA for Syria (1994).
  • Sole distributor Rice Growers Cooperative (Australia)/ “SUNWHITE” (1997).
  • Joint venture Guaber Italy under license from FUMAKILA-Japan insecticide / “VAPE”(1998).
  • KIMBERLY CLARK for diapers and FRIESLAND COBERCO for butter and butter oil (2001).
  • Exclusive agent of Ferrero, Maxim’s, Barilla, Haribo and Perfetti (2008).

The company also entered the automotive industry:
-Acquiring the agency for CHAMPION AUTOMATIVE Division (1996) EXIDE vehicle batteries (1999);
and a shareholder of ALMAWARED CO agent of SAMSUNG in Syria.

The establishment also established a production plant, with its sister company Syrian Olive Oil; a Syrian company for processing and refining edible oils for vegetable ghee located in Tartous. The plant production capacity is 100M/T per day of RBD PALM OIL SUNFLOWER COTTON CORN & SOYA OILS under AL REEF & ALKHAIR

The products are exported to many countries in Europe, mainly Italy and Spain. It also export to the USA, Australia, Iran and China; as well as MENA countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

syrian olive oil

The 2010s-2020: Resilience in Difficult Times

With the instabilities in Syria, in 2012, the company worked on developing a new market; optimizing our trading house opening branches in Beirut, Baghdad & Erbil. During that time, the main objective was to optimize our production and keep our employees safe, & give back to the community.
The company focused on production in the local industry, especially with the Syrian olive oil company. In 2016, the company produced new bar soap & a noodles soap factory; edible oil and Fat with a production capacity of 1MT/H.
In 2020, with a gap in the market, new products were born such as :
Halibna Coffee gold, caffe latte, choco-late

Halibna Caffee
Halibna Caffee
Halibna Caffee

2020s- BEYOND

Today, Betinjaneh continues to thrive as a leading company in the Levant Region, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for excellence, Betinjaneh remains a symbol of determination and success, giving back to its community.
The legacy of Habib Betinjaneh lives on through the company's continued growth and success, and the company remains dedicated to its core values of ethics, humor, and a love for life.